Year 1

Welcome to the Year One page!

Welcome to the Year 1 page.

Spring 1

This half term we are becoming scientists, learning about the different animal types.

Have a look at this link to find out more-

Animals including humans – KS1 Science – BBC Bitesize

Year 1: Animals, including humans | STEM


We will also continue to be scientists and observe the weather and seasons that are happening outside the classroom window.

How does the weather change with the seasons?

The Great British Year: Four Seasons | BBC Teach – YouTube

Geography | KS1 | KS2 | The seasons | BBC Teach – YouTube

How does the length of the day change throughout the year?

Why do we change the clocks? – BBC News – YouTube


As artists and designers, we will be using our knowledge of the feature of birds to look closely at the shape and patterns on their feathers. With a focus on lines thickness and using dots and lines to create texture, we will be sketching birds, pausing to look closely at the different features they have.

Drawing Source Material: Birds (