Year 1

Welcome to the Year One page!

This term in Design and Technology, we will be using software to design, colour and decorate textiles, before shaping textiles and sewing. We will be attaching two bits of material together to make our own decorations.

I Want to Design – BBC Teach

As Geographers, we will be learning about our local area and creating a map. We will be using our knowledge of human and physical features, as well as simple fieldwork, to create a map of our local area. Have a look to find out more –,-2.32162893,132.24279593a,94066.21827334d,35y,0h,0t,0r/data=CnEaRxJBCiUweDQ4NmQ4MGFhZWRhYmYxNzc6MHgzM2ExZjQ4MWJhZGE2ZDVmGSB4fHvXX0lAIftfCf99wQLAKgZkb3JzZXQYAiABIiYKJAnF0fH-Z7I4QBHG0fH-Z7I4wBntLQNGrrZFQCGOuI-YyAZQwA


As Scientists, we will also be carrying out experiments. Here are some useful website links to support your learning.

As Historians we will be learning about King Charles III Coronation. Take a look here to find out more-