What are we learning?

Every half term you will receive a Parent Information sheet detailing the learning that your child will do that half term. It will give you information on the topic learning and also the focus for English and maths. Keep your eyes peeled for the Home Learning activity as well!

Spring 1

This half term the children in Reception are learning about animals and their habitats. Here are some links online to support their learning at home.

Living things and their habitats – KS1 Science – BBC Bitesize

We will be comparing animals and their habitats for the New Forest, Scottish Highlands, Kenyan Savannah and Artic Circle.

New Forest Adventure! | What Animals are in the New Forest? – YouTube

The Unique Wildlife of The Scottish Highlands | Short Film Showcase – YouTube

The African Savannah – Virtual Field Trip – YouTube

Exploring the Arctic for Kids: Arctic Animals and Climates for Children – FreeSchool – YouTube

Why not explore Google Earth and zoom around the world? Can you find the UK, Bournemouth, somewhere you have been on holiday, Kenya, Artic?

Google Earth

This half term we are learning the stories The Three Little Pigs and Mrs Wishy Washy. Here are some links related to these stories.

BBC iPlayer – Three Little Pigs: A CBeebies Ballet

Tumble Tales: Three Little Pigs | Mr Tumble and Friends – YouTube

CBeebies: The Three Little Pigs, read by Lisa Riley – YouTube