Useful Weblinks for Foundation Pupils & Parents


This half term the children in reception are learning about the differences between life in their own country compared with other countries. They will study Bournemouth, Kenya and Iceland. They will compare the physical and human features and the animals that live in these countries.

ICELAND – Overview of Iceland – Geography | History | Demography | Culture |Economy. – YouTube

Town Mouse, Country Mouse – A Fable Story Ideal For Kids Bedtimes in English (

Physical and Human Geographical Features of an English Rural Locality (


What are human and physical features in geography? – BBC Bitesize

Why not explore Google Earth and zoom around the world? Can you find the UK?, Bournemouth?, somewhere you have been on holiday?, Kenya? or Iceland?

Google Earth

This half term we are learning about instructions (How to grow a sunflower) and the story Supertato.

What do plants need to grow? – 1st level Science – BBC Bitesize

BBC iPlayer – Topsy and Tim – Series 1: 26. Growing Sunflowers

Growing Sunflower Time Lapse – Seed To Flower In 83 Days (

Supertato – Books Alive! Read Aloud book for kids (

Show younger children why eating their fruit and veg is good for them (

Facts About Vegetables for Children | Lesson Video (

Counting in 2s

Counting in 10s

Counting in 5s

Counting to 100

Reading with your child

Reading word games