Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 page!

In Year 3, there is a big focus on reading. By the end of Year 3 we would expect the majority of children to be reading Grey or Black book bands and to be able to read with fluency. Throughout the year we will be teaching children how to accurately answer comprehension questions and will focus on identifying the different types of questions they could be asked (retrieval, inference and choice). Children will be able to frequently change their book banded book or bring home catch-up reading books.

We also use the Oxford Reading Buddy where children can access further texts:

Oxford Reading Buddy – Log in

Learning times tables will also be a key focus. By the end of Year 4 all children should have rapid recall of all of their times tables and will sit a government test in the summer term of Year 4. To ensure all children feel confident and ready to take the test we work hard in Year 3 to help prepare them and also highly value the benefits of having a rapid recall of these facts as this helps children to reduce their cognitive load when tackling more complex multiplication word problems. TT Rockstars is an exciting way to engage all our children and is something we would strongly encourage all children to have go at when they are at home. In school, we regularly check children’s progress and how often they are logging onto the app and it is also regularly celebrated within assemblies with ‘rock battles’ and ‘battle of the bands’ competitions between classes.

Times Tables Rock Stars (

Log in details for Times Table Rock Stars can be found in your child’s diary.

Year 3 and 4 spelling words:

The national curriculum in England – English Appendix 1: Spelling (

Wider curriculum learning

As historians, the children will continue to develop a broad overview and understanding of life in Britain from ancient until medieval times, with a focus on The Roman Empire. They will suggest some of the causes and consequences of the main events in Roman Britain as well as focusing on some of the changes which happened within the local area during this time.

Introduction to Ancient Rome – BBC Bitesize

What was life like in the Roman army? – BBC Bitesize

What was life like in ancient Rome? – BBC Bitesize

As scientists, the children will explore The Earth and how it exists in The Solar System. They will describe the movement of The Earth relative to The Sun and describe the movement of The Moon relative to The Earth.

What is the Sun? – BBC Bitesize

What is the solar system? – BBC Bitesize

Home learning

Children should read a minimum of 3 times a week and record this in their home school book by colouring the reading book picture each time they read. Children have a home learning book which they take home on a Friday and is due back in on the following Wednesday. Home learning will be a maths task which focus on increasing your child’s fluency and arithmetic skills. We also encourage all children to log on to TT Rockstars and Oxford Reading Buddy as much as possible.