About Winton

Thank you for taking the time to look at our site.  I would like to introduce you to Winton Primary and give you an idea of our aims.  At Winton we want to be a school that is at the heart of the community, a place where pupils are happy and engaged with their learning and somewhere that all children succeed. It sounds simple but ensuring it happens requires hard work from a dedicated and committed staff team.  We will make every effort to make our vision a reality for every child.  We want our young learners to be excited by the curriculum, responsible members of our school community and move onto the next stage of their education well prepared.  We know that to be a successful school we must ensure that children make good progress during their time here and be achieving the highest standards they can.  By doing so they will be able to go on to be successful in their future.

To achieve this aim we need to work effectively, in partnership, with you the parents of our children.  We know that if we can develop a successful working relationship with you this will increase your child’s potential greatly.  With this in mind we operate an open door policy and want you to tell us what you think, what you would like and how you think we could improve.

If you haven’t visited us I would urge you to come and look around and meet the team, as well as seeing the children going about their learning.

Neil Tarchetti