Year 3 Volcano explosions.

Over the course of this half term Year 3 have been learning all about Volcanoes. We started off by understanding how volcanoes are formed. Our learning tied in with our previous topic of Romans and we focused heavily on Mount Vesuvius. The children were quick to form their own opinions on whether the advantages of living near Mount Vesuvius would outweigh the disadvantages. Each class had a debate arguing their (strong!) opinions.

The children then were able to describe different aspects of volcanoes before being able to identify the 3 types of volcanoes; active, dormant and extinct. The children were then set their home learning task of assembling a volcano ready for our topic landing eruptions. It was great to see so many children had worked incredibly hard at home and produced such life-like models! All the year 3 teachers were incredibly impressed with the quality of the designs. We’d like to say a massive thank you to all the parents who helped bring their visions to life. As you can see we had a great time erupting them in the playground!