Reception phonics lessons

Our daily phonics lessons in Reception are an extremely important part of our week. It has been wonderful seeing the progress the children have already made, with so many more children joining in with sounding words out.

We start our phonics lessons with a whole class session on the carpet with lots of different activities. We recap letter sounds we have already learnt and learn our new letter sound, practising writing the letter in the air. In pairs the children share a Floppy’s Phonics book and talk about what they can see, including anything with the key letter in it. We click on the sound buttons to hear the words, sound them out using our fingers and identify where in the word the key sound is – at the start, in the middle or at the end of the word. We use these skills to play a game where the children take turns to drag letters to make simple words. Finally, the children then get to practice all the skills we have learnt in the whole class session in their phonics books.

Well done Reception! Your efforts are making your teachers feel very proud. Remember, you can use the Floppy’s Phonics app at home too and practice saying the letter sounds on the sound mats in your reading pack.