Lunchtime latest…

Recently, some new equipment has found its way into Winton’s lunchtime provision, which the children have been exploring this term.

You may have noticed the new ‘Buddy Bench’ on the back playground, outside of the Year 2 classrooms. School council purchased the bench after getting feedback from the school community that they would like to be able to highlight if they felt in need of a friend. Here, children can come and sit if they would like to meet a new friend or if they are feeling a bit lonely. Of course, some children like to come here and just talk with their friendship group whilst also looking to meet new friends at the same time.

Miss Yelland and the Sports Ambassadors have been busy running different activities in the ball court at lunchtime. A new skill or game has been introduced each week – the children watch a short video explaining the skill before they then have a chance to practice. So far they have had the chance to sample netball and hockey skills as well as try new activities, including ‘VX’ and ‘Cornhole’.

We also have some new construction equipment to use. The children have had great fun building dens, models and towers from the building shapes. We have been impressed with some of the creative designs so far! 

The ambassadors have also been supporting children in Key Stage 1 with the use of little scooter boards. The scooters can be joined together in a chain or they can be used individually. Moving around on wheels has proven to be very popular indeed!