Poetry in Year 2

Year 2 have been learning to write and recite poetry. They have learnt the poems ‘Plastic for Dinner?’ and  ‘Leave the Whales Alone’. When you get the opportunity to walk through the school and look at our amazing displays the QR code to see the children recite these poems will be displayed within them. Year 2’s main display is in the link corridor between Year 2 and Year 3. However, here is an advanced viewing of the children and their recitation. Click on the links below to see and hear the children.

2GD – https://youtu.be/HmW5wFMkER0

2NP – https://youtu.be/h7lP7p3BcxE

2SP – https://youtu.be/DuDRrW2rLkg

2KL – https://youtu.be/Beof7y-2h_Q

The children have also been writing their own poems. This includes poems describing what can be found in a rock pool as well as ‘What am I?’ poems.  They drafted their ideas and read them to their learning partners to see if they could guess the answer, before writing them up neatly for our display.

We have some super poets in Year 2 and they’re looking forward to learning more about poetry and writing their own different styles of poem whilst in Year 2.

Well done!