What a load of nonsense!

Year 4 have started the new term in very silly fashion! To link with our art week projects on lemons we have been exploring and writing nonsense poems about food.

After looking at several published examples as models, the children were encouraged to come up with their own outlandish and inventive ideas. These included a homesick avocado trying to get to Mexico, a fish v chips football match, the day in the life of a pizza (who is a plasterer by trade) and a school for cheese.

As well as stimulating the children to explore language in a fun and free way, they also learnt to add various figurative language features such as onomatopoeia, similes and personification.

Finally, the children performed some of their poems for the class providing a joyful and funny end to the unit.

Here are some extracts:

One day an avacado was feeling homesick, so he decided to go home.
He was in China, and his home was Mexico.

There was an apple called Evil Apple,
He created a robot called Mecha Applezilla!
He released it into the wilderness.

Look out for the violent veggies on your revolting dinner plate,
You should especially watch out for powerful plums.
They creep around like ninjas in the night sky.
If you decide not to eat your veggies,
They will crunch you up in the blink of an eye.

Apple was slammed by banana,
CRASH went apple!
Banana won the contest.

One wanted walnut, wished it wasn't washed.
Two terrible toffees tried to turn into turnips.
Three terrific trifles, tumbled over the tables.
Four fabulous fries, fought for a fish.