Great Fire of London

To launch our new topic Year 2 were treated to a drama workshop based on The Great Fire of London.

We started the workshop by playing a game of ‘True or False’ for facts about The Great Fire. We had to jump in the air with thumbs up if it was true, and crouch with thumbs down for a false fact.

Did you know that there were a lot of ‘s’ sounds in the start date of The Great Fire – Sunday the second of September 1666! That little fact really helped us remember the date. The diary that details what happens was written by Samuel Pepys- ‘s’ again, and only six people died- another ‘s’!

We then learnt that houses were built so close together that this helped the fire spread. Some children pretended to be the houses and passed the fire (red fabric) to each other with ease. But when some of the middle houses were pulled down it was more difficult to spread the fire.

Then the drama started! We had to pretend that we were the bakery catching fire.

Next we worked in groups to act out what happened on each day of the fire. Each group took a different day.

Day 1- fire started in the bakery

Day 2- people packed up their belongings

Day 3- the fire spread

Day 4- the buildings were destroyed

Day 5- the fire started to slow down

What an amazing day we had, and thank you to Jayde from One Day Creative for such a simple, but effective workshop.