Egyptian Day

This week, Year 4 have had an Ancient Egyptian activity day to give them an insight into what they will be learning for the rest of this term.

We started off the day with an apprenticeship in mummification. We learnt all about the process to preserve the body and about canopic jars before having a go ourselves using oranges. Some lucky apprentices even got to have a go at mummifying King Tutankhamun!


Next, Year 4 learnt all about Ancient Egyptian life, picking their jobs and learning how to trade – though some could do with learning a bit more about the worth of objects because we had some crazy deals! One cow for a diamond!

Next it was on to looking at artefacts and learning how to be an effective historian, and then the day came to a close by learning about the Egyptian gods. We made some papyrus using our weaving skills that we learnt back in September! After making the papyrus and letting it dry, Year 4 were able to finish their artwork by painting their favourite Ancient Egyptian god.