Year 6 Tank Museum trip

Last week, year six had an amazing introduction to their new topic – World War 2 – and The Blitz! The children were greeted at the main entrance and given a brief overview of the museum which, we were surprised to learn, is actually a memorial to all the people that have been affected by the many wars around the world.

After the orientation, groups either had time to explore the tank halls or head off to one of the exciting workshops that the museum staff had arranged for us.
Workshop one involved building a scale model of an American Sherman tank. There was an informative talk about the various parts and jobs needed to create this vehicle and the children had to employ listening and teamwork skills to be successful .

As As you can see, the children were very successful and had a great time during the tank building workshop!

The second workshop transported the children back to a 1940s house and shop, an actual recreation of a building which existed in Bovington. They had the chance to dress up, understand what rationing would have been like and also how simple daily tasks, such as washing clothes, would have been undertaken during a period of war.

Great fun was had by all and it was a fantastic introduction to our new World War Two topic!