Tin Forest

Throughout the two art weeks at the beginning of term the children in Year Two used the story of ‘The Tin Forest’ as inspiration to create a beautiful display. They developed a series of different art skills incluing printing, sewing, weaving and plaiting that blended together to create different elements of the display.

Their sketches became toucans peeping out from the branches of a tree. The children made sure to use different lines of thickness in their sketches and worked hard to show light and dark through shading.

Their plaiting became vines hanging down from the branches above. Very tempting to swing on as you’re walking down the corridor!

The flowers sewed by the children added some lovely, colourful texture to our ‘Tin Forest.’

Finally to create a tree stump the children printed their fingerprints in a circle formation. We took inspiration from the artist Giuseppe Penone for this as he makes links between fingerprints and the rings on a slice of wood.

The finished result is certainly eye catching and the children have enjoyed getting lots of complements from people walking around the school. Keep an eye out for our lovely display next time you are in school.