Changing Technology

Linked to our Year 2 topic, ‘How has technology changed our lives?’, the children were able to experience first hand what it would have been like to have used some of the equipment from the past. 

The children learnt how technology has changed over the years and found out how their parents and grandparents communicated when they were the same age.

They were able to observe and handle different pieces of evidence and  had to decide what it did and how it was used. The children were amazed at the size and weight of some of the artefacts.

They discovered that most of the equipment was produced before the world wide web. The children were surprised to learn that there was no single piece of technology that took photographs, connected to the internet, sent messages and showed films, and that you had to have separate equipment to do all of these things, unlike today’s mobiles. 

The children asked lots of questions, and showed a real interest in learning about the investors and designers of the past. 

Well done Year 2.