Green House Win The Whole School House Dance Competition 2022

This week Winton Primary held its House Dance competition for 2022. For the last few weeks all of the children in the school have been learning choreography for a dance to the music of “High Hopes.” Mr Millar and Miss Yelland have also been teaching the dance as part of their curriculum time in PE. Mr Keeley has also given the children a masterclass in dance every lunchtime if they have wanted to practise their dance further. The end result being a dance battle between the houses to see who would get some valuable house points from a panel of specially selected judges, the head judge being Danni from DH dance school. 

The event itself was a cracker! To see who would start performing houses were randomly picked and then asked to perform the 1st minute of the dance on their own – a real chance to show good timing, knowledge of the moves, strong, tense body parts and a good change of levels before all of the houses did the full dance all together as a good comparison. As the judges discussed the results there was a chance to sway their decision in one houses favour with the whole school performing Winton’s whole school dance of 2022 “La Fuerza.” 

Finally the judges reached a very difficult conclusion that it was green house who just edged a closely run race. In fact all of the houses did so well that Yellow, Blue and Red house tied in 2nd place keeping the house competition well and truly alive into the summer term. 

Congratulations to everyone involved.