Super Scientists!

This week Year One have enjoyed being scientists and were tasked with answering the question, “Which substance stops an apple from turning brown?”. We discussed how to make the experiment fair and ensured the apple slices were cut to the same size and the same amount of liquid was being used. We used milk, water, lemon juice, baking soda and vinegar. Before starting the experiment, we made a prediction and guessed which liquid would stop the apples from turning brown. Here are some of the children’s predictions.


Then it was time for the experiment. The children helped to place the apples in the different liquids.


We left the experiment for a few hours and then returned to it to see the results. We spent time carefully looking at the apples and Year One discovered it was the lemon juice that stopped the apple from turning brown. The children enjoyed reporting what had happened and learnt that the Apples contain a chemical called an enzyme which stopped it from turning brown. Here are some examples of their Science work.


Well done Year One.