River Talk

To start our new topic, Year 4 were lucky enough to have Lisa Clayton, a Ranger from BCP council that looks after the River Stour Valley, come in and tell us all about the wildlife along the river bank. She taught us all about the wildlife on the river bank and even had some real-life tadpoles to show us. Lisa talked us through the cycle of a frog and showed us an exciting video from only a few weeks ago where the frogs were choosing the best place to lay their eggs!

Down by the river it isn’t hard to find all types of animals such as:  otters, kingfishers, dragonflies, butterflies and even some reptiles! 

We had a great time learning about all these different animals and we hope we get to see all of them on our trip! We might even get to see some grazing cows!

A big thankyou to Lisa from the whole of Year 4 for the perfect way to start our new topic!