Letters to America

To end our USA topic last term, we wrote to a school in Maryland. We talked to them about what it was like to live in Bournemouth, the different geographical (both human and physical) features that we have as well as what our daily life is like. We also wanted to take the opportunity to show off our own learning about the USA as well as taking the opportunity to ask them any questions that we still had after our learning. We used Padlet to help us bridge the Atlantic Ocean and share our letters. 

Today we were really excited to finally get the opportunity to write back to them. As the school we wrote to was much smaller than ours, we were excited to see that we had received letters from nearly the whole of their elementary school. We received electronic responses on Padlet as well as hand written letters from their KS1 children. Everyone was incredibly excited to receive and read their letters and we enjoyed sharing them with our friends.


We’re hoping that they will respond to us so that we can keep writing to them over the year.