World Book Day in Year 1

World Book Day was a day immersed in stories for Year 1. 

in 1SC the day started with listening to a story outside. First they climbed onto the climbing frame, and sat underneath it ready for a story. 

Then it started to rain, so they sought shelter under the sails!

Then it got a bit windy, so they hid inside the bike shelter!

Throughout the day the children went on many “‘Blind dates’ with stories! The book were wrapped up and had a little information stuck to the wrapping to help them choose if they wanted to hear that story. 

They heard a suspense story about a little boy; ‘Elliot the midnight superhero’, a suspense story set in a park about animals; ‘The Treasure Hunt’, a story about a cat who was lost; ‘The Patchwork Cat’, a story set in a dance class about an elephant; ‘Elephants can’t dance,’ and finally a story brought in by someone in the class; ‘Brer Rabbit’s Treasure’. 

After each story had been read the class discussed what they liked and disliked about the book. It was super to hear everyone talking about their views and explaining their reasoning. 

As home learning the children had been asked to complete a book scavenger hunt. They had to find a story with a bear, plane, recipe they liked and a frog to name but a few things to search for. 

The children were really keen to share what they had found and noticed that lots of people had read ‘Room on the Broom’ for the witch story and ‘Oi Frog’ for the frog story. Both great reads! 

They also went on a character scavenger hunt in the playground, following clues and guessing the book characters. They had so much fun doing this that they forgot to take any photos! But they found the Gruffalo, Paddington, the Little Brown Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Harry Potter and Wally from ‘Where’s Wally.’

What a great day in story land they had!