Dancing Raisins

During one of our science lessons the children in Year 2 carried out an experiment to find out which liquid would make their raisins dance and why. The children used still and fizzy water and carefully carried out a fair test to help them discover the answer.

The children found that the raisins in the still water sank to the bottom of the glass.

However, when the raisins were added to the fizzy water they danced up and down.

The children learnt that the bubbles cling to the raisin and act as a flotation device lifting the bubbles to the top of the glass. Once the bubbles and raisin reach the top the bubbles pop and the raisin, because of its density, sinks back to the bottom of the glass.

The children asked lots of interesting and thoughtful questions including; What is in the bubbles? Where do the bubbles come from? Why doesn’t the still water have bubbles? What would happen if the liquid was different?

They were also very keen to find out if other types of fruit would dance in the fizzy water!

Well done Year 2 a super science investigation!