How did people from the past get around?

We have started our new transport topic this week!

We received an interesting delivery, full of tools and parts. We had to be detectives and work out what our new topic is, and decided they were tools to help fix things.

We looked at some spanners, bolts and drivers, and thought they were all things that could help mend a car if it was broken. That then got us talking about different ways that we travel. We made a list of lots of different types of transport, grouping them into things that travel in the water, on land or in the air. These are all of the things we could think of, I wonder if you can think of any more at home? 

When looking at all of the tools, we thought of what they could do and how they all work. We held an oil filter and said that it makes sure that all the oil stays clean in the car. There was also a ratchet, we thought that it might do something up that was hard to reach because it has a long handle. 

The bolt below was really heavy and we said that it must do up a really big nut on a wheel. We had a go at twisting the bar to move up the jack, we put some things on top of it, and thought it must be very strong if it can lift up a whole car. It was fun looking at the spanners and we noticed that each one had a different sized hole at the end, we decided this was because the parts on the car are all different sizes too. 

After talking about different types of transport, we had a message from a man called Cliff. 

He is the manager at Bournemouth Train Station, he has set us a task to make the entrance of the train station more inviting. He asked us to look at different modes of transport over the next few weeks, and then bring down all our hard work to make a display. 

We can’t wait to get started, we will be doing some art and lots of writing for our display! We will let you know when it is up and ready so you can all take a trip down and take a look!