Egyptians in Year 4!

Year 4 was taken over this week by the Ancient Egyptians!

Every student was able to complete their own apprenticeship in Mummifying before having the chance to mummify a real body! We learnt all about the process of mummification and how a person’s heart was weighed against a feather, in a final trail to proceed into the Afterlife. 

Next, we learnt all about trading in these ancient times and how to grow our farming business ruthlessly. The best deal we saw was an apple exchanged for a diamond necklace! That must have been some incredible use of persuasion!

Onto hieroglyphics, where Year 4 became code breakers. Working together, it took no time at all for the ancient code to be broken using team work and deduction! We also got to have a go at writing our name using hieroglyphics.

Finally, we delved deep into the symbolism of Ancient Egypt and made our own clay amulets! We learnt about the use of animal symbolism in Egypt and how these amulets were thought to keep a person’s spirit safe on the passage to the Afterlife!

We are all excited to delve deeper into the Egyptians during this half term and explore the mythology behind this ancient civilisation.