The dinosaurs are coming

Year 1 were delighted to welcome the Science Zone from Boscombe into school. Neil came to talk to us about dinosaurs and brought lots of exciting artefacts to show us. Here we are looking at an ammonite and some fossils. We were amazed at how big they were and how heavy! 

The little girl on the left even had to put her fossil down for a while as it was so heavy! We learnt that she had been holding part of a huge ammonite. 

We were fascinated by the amber and all tried to spot the fly that was embedded inside. 

Neil also brought along some fossilised dinosaur poo and teeth. 

We finished our workshop by watching a 3D film where the dinosaurs leapt off the wall and into the room!

When we got back to class we made a paper plate stegosaurus and a salt dough ammonite. 

We had a wonderful launch to our topic all about dinosaurs, and Neil has kindly agreed to look at some of our work. We are can’t wait to email him our learning to see what a real dinosaur expert thinks of our work.