Reception’s “Little Polar Bear”

Reception loved our talking story “Little Polar Bear”. We started by listening to the story “Little Polar Bear” and talking about what we liked about the story and what he disliked about the story. The children thought carefully about why they liked or disliked certain parts of the story and used the word “because” to explain their reason. One child said “I did not like when the ice began to crack because I was worried.” What a super idea! 

As a class, we listened to the story and put our hands up whenever we heard a word we didn’t know or know the meaning of. We created our speed words with photographs of these words and came up with actions to help us remember them. 

Whenever we learn a new story, we talk about the setting and the characters. We make predictions about what is going to happen and discuss how they might be feeling. We wrote about what the orca might have said to the little polar bear and described what the polar bear looked like. Excellent work Reception!