Year 1 How to Clean a Penny Experiment

Year 1 were very excited to carry out their first ever science experiment recently! They answered  the question ‘How do you clean a penny?’. They made some excellent predictions about which liquid they thought would clean a penny the best; ketchup, milk, water, coke or soapy water. Most of 1IB predicted that the coke would clean the penny because the bubbles and gas in the liquid would react with the penny. What a great prediction! They also talked about which liquid would clean the penny the least and shared their reasons for their ideas. As a class the children discussed their observations and recorded what they found out.

1IB was very surprised that ketchup was the clear winner of the investigation. The penny came out very shiny! This is because the ketchup causes a chemical reaction, which breaks down the copper oxide. Ketchup is made of vinegar, which is a weak acid. 

Well done Year 1. You are excellent scientists!