Y4 Deserve a Medal!

Year 4 wasted no time in getting stuck in to their new topic – ‘What does it take to host the Olympics?’

In just one day we learnt all about the Winter Olympics, then planned, practiced and performed our own opening ceremony! 4LC began the ceremony with a parade of flags, painted by the students, to represent some of the countries our students are from. There were also some special guests including ‘Boris Johnson’, ‘Joe Wicks’ and ‘The Queen’! After the Olympic flame was symbolically ‘lit’ (special effects provided by fire-coloured tissue paper and streamers) the other classes created performances inspired by our Winton drivers. 4AB based their contribution around ‘Aspiration’ and re-enacted a bobsleigh race between Great Britain and Germany. Next, 4DB used ‘Community’ to demonstrate how we in Winton help one another in different ways. Finally, 4OH used their ‘Enquiry’ skills by providing some great facts about the Winter Olympics. The teachers were really impressed with how the focused and creative the children were to create such a spectacular start to the term in such a short time!

Well done Year 4 – you struck GOLD!