Different celebrations

During this half term the children in reception are going to be learning about different celebrations. The children will look at some of the festivals and celebrations that are important to them and different people in our community. Over this topic the children will be looking at how people celebrate different events. Sometimes, people may wear special clothing, eat special foods or sometimes even host a party. When the children arrived at school they found that the four classrooms in Reception had been transformed into four different celebrations!

In Plum class we learnt about bonfire night, we heard the story of Guy Fawkes and how he tried to plot to kill the king. It is now why we celebrate with fireworks to remember the explosion that he was planning. We made some great firework pictures using chalks and stamping with paint and even learnt a memorable rhyme too. 

In Pear class we learnt about the Hindu festival of Diwali. A main part of this is about celebrating light. They decorate their homes to bring good luck into their lives, so we made some Diva lamps and lanterns to decorate our classrooms too. 

In Apple class we were busy learning about Eid. This is another festival which celebrates light. It is also where people feast when it is daylight. At the end of Ramadan a huge feast is had to celebrate the ending of this celebration. The children made some fantastic moons and stars using tissue paper to represent the light. 

And finally in Cherry class we learnt about the Christian celebration of Christmas. We all knew lots about how we celebrate Christmas at home with our families. We talked about the food we eat and how we give gifts to the people we love. We also learnt about the true meaning of Christmas, and how the baby Jesus was born in Bethlehem. We sang some Christmas songs and made colourful trees to decorate our classrooms. We had a really lovely day and are looking forward to all the celebrations we will learn about this half term.