Last week the children in year five experienced something that was out of this world! An unidentified flying object crash landed on the school field! The alert siren echoed around the year five area and the pupils were then given a safety briefing by the “People in Black” the interstellar police force, the classes were led out to investigate the crash site. They had been warned that there were high levels of alien radiation present but, their curiosity got the better of them !

The curious object was obviously from another planet and Professors Cochrane and King were totally baffled and called upon the children to help them investigate. It appeared that, as the object entered the Earth’s atmosphere, it had burnt a large hole in the structure enabling the investigators to place their hand inside…….

Unfortunately, the professors were not brave enough to insert their own hands into the U.F.O and so asked for volunteers to do so! There was no shortage of intrepid space cadets and they discovered slime, alien delicacies and a strange letter from another planet begging for human help! Check back for more updates on the mysterious saga of the alien spacecraft!