Stone Age Launch

Year 3 started our new topic all about the Stone Age. We rotated around the classrooms and completed a different activity in each class. The children had a great day and have already learnt so much about the Stone Age. 

With Mrs Grant, we looked at Stone Age artefacts and tried to think about what the artefact was used for. We looked at real objects and pictures of artefacts that have been found on archaeological digs. It was really interesting to see that they had necklaces all those years ago and that these artefacts had survived, buried in the ground for thousands of years.

In Mrs Poole’s group we carried out our own research into the lives of the Stone Age people. The children used the iPads to search for the answers to questions about the types of houses that the Stone Age people lived in, the clothes that they wore, the food and drink that they consumed and the tools that they used. The children did a great job of finding lots of facts and information and they all learnt something new! Their favourite fact was that Stone Age people created an early version of beer!

With Miss Buckhurst, we explored Stone Age cave art. We learnt that they used whatever they could find to paint with and they used sticks instead of paintbrushes. We had a go at creating our own Stone Age art, we made some hand stencils, tried to use sticks to recreate some symbols and we even painted on the ‘cave walls’ in the classroom!

With Miss Mayes, we were looking at the history and geography of the Stone Age. We discussed why it’s called the Stone Age, the three main periods of the Stone Age, and how humans emigrated across the world. The children enjoyed creating their own timelines using maps and facts to show the path of homo habilis and homo sapiens over time. We were shocked to find out the continents used to be joined together to create a supercontinent!