Creative writing club

Even though we have only had two sessions, creative writing club have blown me away with their imaginative and interesting work. We have been using pictures to help ignite our imagination and considered ways in which we can describe the scene in front of us.

Below are some examples of our ideas. Keep an eye out for more examples of our excellent writing!


The lonely island stood by itself, hungrily waiting for more people to arrive. Trees leaned like a cliff innocently as the edge of the water swallowed the foam and coral touched the feet of who ever went in the clear ocean. All different different kinds of trees planted everywhere sprouted like snakes on Medusa’s head. Thunder rumbled like a witch creating a potion as the sun went away and the rain came. 



I feel the soft calming waves going up and down feeling the beat,

I hear the trembling speed boats docking on the shore,

I can taste the secret palm trees coffee coloured coconuts drizzling like chocolate.




10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…


Surging out of his lair, the Winter King put on his coal black cloak without even touching it. “Lucy….I’ll be gone a while make sure it’s safe.”

“Yes sir.” was the meek reply. He moved slowly out of his lair limping on his bad leg. At this hour, his powers were at their strongest.



The King of Winter

Frost covered the forest snow as it fell. The ice king slipped and slid on the ice lake as whenever he went, winter followed behind him. Crystal clear icicles grew on trees as polar bears made footprints in the crunchy ice. Lanterns lit the pathway through the misty shadows. The Northern Lights shone in the dark sky next to stars floating in the sky. The only sounds that could be heard were the howls of wolves and the snaps of twigs below them.