Rocketing into Year One

Year One have come back to school with amazing enthusiasm this year!

They are learning about space and aspiring to be as amazing as Mae Jemison, the first black woman in space, and Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, are. 

They are learning facts about the planets and were shocked to find out that even though Mercury is the closest to the Sun it isn’t the hottest; that is Venus! 

The children have also been learning lots of art skills including which colours are hot or cold, how to colour neatly with crayons and how to use a template to draw round objects. Have a look at the learning and all the fun they have been having. 

Colouring neatly to make a hot or cold planet- 

Using collage materials to make a hot or cold planet-

Using a template to cut out a star and then using collage materials to decorate-

Learning to plait and weave to make a cosy den in indoor learning-

Using a template to draw a star and then dot painting the outline- 

Paper mache fun to make 3D planets! 

What a super start to the year – well done Year One.