Year 1 Community Art

As a landing to the Year 1 Art Attack topic, the children got busy making their very own episode of Art Attack. The children decided their two favourite pieces of art they had made over the course of the topic were ‘springets’ and ‘pop up pictures’. So, the children got busy designing their own storyboard, thinking of what their episode could look like! What parts did they need to include? What did they need to remember to say? Look at our super storyboards here!

After storyboarding their ideas the children then filmed their own episode of Art Attack. It’s safe to say they were not camera shy… look at the fantastic actors and actresses in action! It would be great if you could have a go at making one of their Art Attacks. 



However, the children did not stop there! After making their Art Attack videos they were then keen to share them. They decided to share their episodes of Art Attack with a local nursery. The children at the nursery had a lot of fun following the videos and making crafts. They couldn’t wait to take them home and show their parents what they had made. The nursery children even asked to hang some of their crafts up in the nursery just like we had at school, fantastic! A great time was had by all, well done everyone!