Busy children in Cherry Class

It has been a very busy start to the final half term of this year for the children in Cherry Class. 

They came back to school to find the caterpillars, which they had been looking after, had emerged from the chrysalis’ and were now butterflies! So it was time to have a good look at them and then release them into the garden. Some of the butterflies weren’t too keen on going, but others flew up, up, up high in the sky!

So that was the end of the minibeast learning, and now for a new topic! The children found 2 suitcases in the classroom and they wondered what could be inside. They asked questions about the contents, why you use suitcases and what you would put inside and what definitely wouldn’t go in a suitcase. 

It became clear that someone was going “Down Under!” There was a boomerang, Bondi beach towel, snorkel, wetsuit, book, shorts and t-shirt to name but a few things. The children then decided they would like to learn more about Australia. 

In a follow up lesson we searched for Winton Primary on Google Earth, then search for Australia, and we loved watching the Earth spin as it took us “Down Under!” Why not try that at home?

Outdoor learning has been great fun this week, especially now the weather is warmer. There has been obstacle courses built, skipping in hoops and running cars down ramps. 

Indoor learning has shown some excellent concentration skills. The children were challenged to make 3D shapes using playdough and straws.

Finally, in class, there has been lots of back pack making. The girls all used paper and tape to make their very own bags. I think we have designers in the making!

Well done Cherry Class, a super start to the final half term.