Growing in Year 1

After coming back from our half term holidays, we have just started our new topic – Growing!

We will be busy learning about us growing as people, as well as plants growing too. 

Today, we started our afternoon with a walk around school, to see what we noticed is now happening now we are in the season of summer. We talked about how the weather is much warmer, and we have less rain. We walked around the school and noticed how different the environment looks since our walk in spring. Before we noticed how the plants were green and beginning to sprout, but now around school, we have lots of colour. We took our clipboards out with us to draw some of the things we saw. We noticed all the plants and even saw some more wildlife buzzing around the plants. 

After taking a look at our school environment, we met Mr Keeley, our gardening expert. He told us all about what plants need to grow and what he’s been up to to keep the plants looking so beautiful through the winter and spring. He also told us now that the weather is warner we have to make sure we water them even more, as we have less rain. 

He taught us a super big word – photosynthesis.

He showed us how Harley, the seed, needed sunshine from Noah and Rain from Annabelle to grow. We all talked about the fact that the plants get their food from their roots in the soil, and their leaves protect them from getting damaged. 

Then it was time to plant our carrots. We have chosen to grow carrots because they are quick to grow so will be looking forward to eating them when we dig them up at the end of the year. We had to fill our grow bags with lots of soil, we used two types of soil to give it extra nutrients. We then made a little hole with our hands, carefully placing the carrots into the soil, Finally adding lots of water. 

We all had a go at doing this, and now our grow bags are at the classroom doors. Each day we will be watering them, and taking a look at how well they grow. We can’t wait to see what happens, well done Year One!