Year 3 & 5 Fun Run

On Wednesday it was the turn of Year 3 (am) and Year 5 (pm) to take on the challenge of the Fun Run course 2021. All of the runners again gave their all to score points for their class as well as gaining house point tokens after every lap. There were some notable performances. Benjamin from 3LM became the first person to break the 9 lap barrier. Jude from 3BR, Arlo from 3GB and Eva from 3LM all did an amazing 8 laps. Louie and Nathan from 3BR, Lyra from 3DP, Henry, Kevinas and Thomas from 3GB and Riley from 3LM all did a fabulous 7 laps. From Year 5 Nikita from 5MS smashed the course record by doing 10 laps. Jessica from 5EG, George from 5EL and Reuben and Finn from 5HP all did an excellent 8 laps. Elliotte, Nuala and Yvie from 5EG, Ahmed and Yathusan from 5HP and Lexie and Harry T from 5MS all completed a brilliant 7 laps. All the children from both year groups can feel justly proud of their achievements. With only 1 day to go the house token box is nearly full! Well done to everyone involved. Enjoy the slideshow of photos below to see the children in action around the course. 

Fun Run 2021 - Y3&5