Growth Mindset in Year 3

Over the term, year 3 will be continuing their work on Growth Mindset and learning how to change their thoughts to help them succeed e.g. “I can’t do it” becomes “I can’t do it YET.” They will be learning that mistakes are OK and that they can learn from them. We will be encouraging the children to take risks, learn from their failures and celebrate their successes along the way.

At the start of the week, to launch our topic, the children watched a video about a child called Austin who used feedback from his peers to draft and redraft a drawing many times to develop his final drawing. After watching the video, the children discussed the importance of practising skills more than once and listening to feedback. They learnt what good feedback was and how to give it e.g. ‘You need to do it better’ becomes ‘Try to make the legs longer’.

Like Austin, the children put their Growth Mindset to the test. They each chose a picture to draw and worked with their partner to draw several versions, based on feedback given. Here is a picture of Austin’s progress and some pictures of the children drawing.