Let’s get growing

The children in Reception are working on a short topic all about growing. They have beans growing on their classroom windows and have also chosen a class flowering plant to look after for the coming weeks. 

To start the topic the children went on a walk around the beautiful school grounds. They had a list of things they had to look for; a leaf, flower, petal, bud and a stem/stalk. 

The children were fascinated by the tulips which are growing in the courtyward and couldn’t believe how tall and straight the tulip stems are! 

Once back in class the children looked at a begonia plant and observed it closely, they then named all the different parts of the plant, including what was hiding in the soil; the roots! They then had a jigsaw puzzle to cut and stick back together and label. 

Alongside the learning about plants the children are reading a story called Oliver’s Vegetables. In this story Oliver explores Grandpa’s garden and finds that he doesn’t only like chips/potatoes! The children were really keen to look at all the vegetables Oliver finds. 

Later they wrote a shopping list for Oliver’s Mum, as he now eats more than just chips!

Finally the children have been taking inspiration from famous artists and have painted their own still life bowl of fruit.