Problem Solving in Year 2!

We have been using our maths skills to solve maths problems. We had a rotation of  problems to solve and we worked together as a table but kept our answers secret.

In the first problem we had the digits 0 to 9 and had to make different 2 digit numbers such as the largest even number, a multiple of 5 but could only use the numbers once.

The second problem involved recalling number bond facts to 10 in order to make the large triangle out of the smaller triangles ensuring that each side added to 10. This was tricky!

But Table 2 were successful! Well done.

The third problem was all about children and starfish! ‘There were 28 arms altogether. How many starfish and how many children?’

Drawing starfish and children helped!

The fourth problem involved 2 dice and finding all the numbers that can be made by adding the dots on 2 dice.

We all had fun solving these problems and learning that  there could be more than one answer.