The Big Stink!

Year five were treated to a cultural experience like no other this week! We visited Bournemouth library to watch a unique performance by the English Touring Opera all about poo!

Well, there was slightly more to it than that, the opera was all about the sewage problem that plagued London during the Victorian times and how it was eventually solved.

The children created a “Poo on a stick” as a prop for certain songs and also learnt two tracks which they were able to sing along with during the performance. The cast actually said that WPS were the best at joining in…….

The singers and musicians were fantastic and it was truly inspirational, the children also had time at the end of the performance to ask questions about the actors and actresses inspiration which was very informative.

The overall messaged linked in very nicely with our sustainability topic as the performers talked to us about the amount of sewage that is released into British waterways and how we could get involved in stopping this from happening.