Year 3 Topic Launch

This half term, Year 3 are learning about the Romans and finding out what impact the Roman Empire had on Britain. The children launched their topic by looking at some key images that are associated with the Roman times. As a class, they discussed what they could see, what they thought it was and how they know it is not an image that represents the Stone Age. Following their discussion, the children recorded their ideas in writing.

Then the children thought about what questions they would like to find the answer to over the course of the topic. They recorded their questions on Padlet using the iPads and will revisit the questions at the end of the topic to see if they have learnt the answers to their questions. After that, they visited the library to carry out some initial research, using the books within the History section.

In the afternoon, the children focused their learning on Roman numerals. They learnt what each symbol represents and how to combine these symbols to create different numbers. Then they each engraved a given number into a polystyrene tile, before rolling paint over it and printing it onto paper. These will be used to create a number line of Roman numerals in the Year 3 classrooms.