Outdoor learning in Reception

The Reception children love playing outside and always have lots of activities to choose from, as well as being able to make up their own. They have fun using their knowledge and practising their skills. Groups of children were excited using a sand timer and tricky word cards with their friends and finding how many words they could write in a minute. They enjoyed getting better at this challenge.












































































We have been learning the digraphs ‘ar’, ‘oo’ and ‘or’ in phonics and then practising hearing them and writing them in words.































































In the classroom in maths we have been comparing and measuring lengths and heights. In outdoor learning the children practised these skills while developing their fine motor skills. They made caterpillars by threading cotton reels and then compared their caterpillar with their friend’s to find out which was the shortest and the tallest. They also made and compared the heights of cube towers and used the giant Duplo to make a tower taller than themselves.
































































































































































Children also made worms using Playdoh and compared them to find the shortest and longest ones. They also found out how many cubes long their worms were.











































































































































We have had a lot of rain during our Let’s Learn time but thanks to our outdoor shelter the children have still been able to get outside and keep learning, playing and having fun. Well done Reception. You are brilliant and excellent learners!