Sensational Settlements

Upon receiving a letter from Mr. Fox, the Director of Planning for the Bournemouth, Christchurch, and Poole Council, Year 4 students were entrusted with the engaging task of planning, designing, and presenting ideas for a new settlement. Throughout the Autumn term, the students delved into research, exploring and comparing a variety of settlements, gaining insights into their key features and their impact on land use.

Focusing on our local area, the students utilized maps to pinpoint the essential services and facilities needed to establish a thriving settlement. Mr. Fox made a surprise visit where he shared valuable insights into his role as the Director of Planning and shed light on the criteria he considers when approving new settlements.

Inspired and informed, the students embarked on the creative journey of planning and crafting their own settlement designs. The students have created some amazing settlement concepts and produced wonderfully detailed planning. Upon completion, some of the plans were submitted to Mr. Fox for his careful consideration. We excitedly awaiting his response and feedback.