Dodgeball Championships

Last week Winton were delighted to be able to compete in the Dorset dodgeball championships, held for the first time in Bournemouth at LeAF Academy. For the last few years Winton have played a variety of dodgeball games within school and have platformed dodgeball clubs across all year groups. The skills of: catching, agility through dodging, diving, darting and ducking, quick changes of speed and accurate strong throwing make the games great fun and good fitness markers.

The tournament started well with both Winton teams winning their opening matches against schools from Bournemouth (Kingsleigh) and Weymouth (Southill Primary). The competition was fierce and the action fast paced. With each match against another school comprising of 5 sets of 2 minutes (with no breaks) the players had to be focused and alert. After 3 hours of play it was fabulous to find out that both Winton teams had finished top of the two leagues and had therefore qualified for the semi finals.

In the semi-finals Winton Warriors beat Conifers Primary (Weymouth) and Winton Wizards beat Corpus Christi Primary School which meant both teams would meet in the final. What a result for our school! The Warriors went on to win the overall competition and now qualify for the South West of England regional championships. More information on this to come.  Congratulations to both of our teams who displayed great sportsmanship and honesty on the day. Our dodgeball prowess has already appeared in the write up on the websites of other schools and soon to be on the website of The British Dodgeball Association who organised the event.

1..2..3…DODGEBALL! – Southill Primary School