Phonics Fun

The children in Reception have been making fantastic progress in phonics and have been introduced to some new digraphs and trigraphs such as ‘ai’, ‘ee’, ‘igh’ and ‘oa’. We are very impressed with the children’s enthusiasm for learning the new sounds and the effort that they have put into reading them in words and writing them in their phonics booklet.

To support the children in remembering the new sounds and applying their new knowledge, we have been playing phonics games in and out of the classroom. In Indoor learning, the children were tasked with searching for the new sounds they had learnt and had to tick off each one when they had found it.

In Outdoor learning, the phonics game was to sort the words into their phonic sounds. Some children went the extra mile and thought of their own. The children know that they need to try and join the letters in digraphs and trigraphs and therefore we have been practising this skill in our writing corner too. Super job, Reception!