House Laser Quest!

What an afternoon of fun!!!

The Blue house were the winners of this years house competition, winning an afternoon of Laser quest. All the points this year have been very close, with every house being in the lead at one time or another. But they just pipped it, with the last count up, well done to the Blue house!

We had our Laser Quest maze set up, and reception were in first, they loved running around inside the maze, shouting and cheering when they found someone. Then we worked our way up through the year groups, with each group getting as many points as they could to shoot each others guns. They all came out smiling, and very warm, asking for another go!

Well done to everyone, all your hard work has been amazing this year.

Remember to keep working hard to collect star points, as each certificate gets you a house point, as well as joining in with all the extra challenges. every point counts, as we have seen this year! Let’s see who wins next year!