Hooke Court: Egypt Day!

Today on the Year 4 residential has been all about Ancient Egypt. Building on their existing knowledge of this ancient civilisation, the children have really engaged with various activities to enhance their knowledge from this half term’s topic in school.

We learnt about Egyptian cookery and which ingredients the Ancient Egyptians would have been able to access and use in their diet. The children had a go at grinding wheat, mixing spices and producing Egyptian treats.

We also learnt more about the mummification process, including the importance of canopic jars. The children then made their own out of clay, where they could show off their sculpting and design skills.

Finally, we made our own hieroglyphs, looking at both the art behind the images and trying to recreate our own messages. The children then had a go at trying to translate each other’s messages.

A great effort Year 4, well done!