Times table tutoring

A significant part of learning in Year 3 and Year 4 surrounds knowing and understanding times table facts. The Year 4 children, in particular, have spent a lot of time mastering their times table facts and they were keen to share their skills with their peers in Year 3.

Each morning, mentors from across Year 4 have been working with the Year 3 children in small groups to share their tips for learning tables. So far, they have spent the time building a relationship with their peers and getting to know which times table facts they know and which ones they are least comfortable with.

They have now started to teach times table facts using a combination of flash cards, Times Table Rock Stars and games such as, ‘times table, table tennis’. Some of these games have been new for the Year 3 children and they are enjoying the exposure to different approaches to learning. The impact of learning from an older child and a peer mentor is quite powerful and we hope this approach will benefit the children.

As we move through the year, more children will have the opportunity to work with mentors and benefit from this idea and we also hope to train more mentors from Year 4. Well done to all those involved for working so hard.