In Year 1 we have been doing lots of sketching this half term, looking at how we can add tones and shading to our drawings.

We spent time looking at different shading techniques. We used lines to add darker areas, we tried dotting to add texture as well as doing lines back and forth to cross hatch.

In our science lessons, we have been learning about different animal types, so we decided some animals would be a great thing to sketch. We were so impressed at the detail the children added, and how well they looked at their starting image.

After this we then looked at printing. We made some salt dough, and pressed in things from our classroom environment to make a print in the dough. We talked about different things making different patterns, and all found something different we thought would make a good print. Then after adding paint, we printed them onto our page and the stamp that we had made left the outline on our paper. We had lots of fun doing this, and the end product looked brilliant!