Year 1 Landing!

This half term in geography, we have been learning about human and physical features. A human feature is something that has been created by humans, and physical features are a natural feature, such as mountains, grasslands and oceans. We have been looking at different items from around our local area, and deciding if we think it has been made by humans, or if it is natural.

We have also been looking at different geographical areas across the UK discussing their similarities and differences. Each week we looked at a different area type. We started with a city, talking about how they are heavily populated, have lots of buildings, and have lots of things to see and do. We then learnt about towns and villages. In those, we noticed that there are lots of houses, some smaller high streets and some parks and schools. Next we looked at rural areas, where we saw lots more green areas on the map. We talked about the fields and farm lands and how we have more wildlife out in these areas. Finally we looked at coastal areas. Living in Bournemouth this gave us lots to chat about. We saw beaches, beach huts and talked about the human and physical features you would see on a beach.

Each class then chose either a city, town, coastal or rural location to explore further. We then talked about how far away each one was from us in Winton, and did some pictures and writing about our chosen place. Our work will be displayed in Bournemouth train station for the next few weeks if you would like to see our super work!

Well done Year One!